CNT-PelvicCNT and Pelvic Health

November 18 & 19,  2017 in Bayfield, Colorado.                                    Location:  Bayfield Library.  Directions to come.  9-4pm daily

This course merges Western and Eastern wisdom to address Pelvic Pain (in women and men) and Infertility. Health issues in the Pelvis can be addressed with simple self-help techniques, including stretching and strengthening, massage, meditation, dietary adjustments, and postural evaluation.

Learn ways to approach the physical and emotional symptoms which plague so many. Take charge of your well being and learn to assist your clients to find relief and wholeness. We will be applying basic Chi Nei Tsang techniques and theories, including a self massage routine.

This course is for individuals as well as practitioners. No experience is necessary.

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“The Pelvic Health class with Caryn was filled with so many personal jewels!  I came in with hamstring and pelvic floor pain and walked out with none.  I gained so much awareness of what was causing my discomfort and the class gave the tools and awareness to keep the pain managed”  SW, student


COST: $250



Caryn Diel

Caryn Boyd Diel, the founder of White Cloud Institute, has a full time healing practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She incorporates a lifetime of study in the areas of counseling, bodywork and hands on healing. Her training has taken her around the world. Caryn has a Masters degree in Education and Counseling from the University of California. She graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in New York, studied Medical Qigong at the Xi Yuan Hospital in Bejing, China and at the International Institute of Medical Qigong with Sifu J.A. Johnson. She is a Full Instructor with the Universal Healing Tao and has studied with Master Mantak Chia in Thailand.