Chi Nei Tsang 1

800px-Changchun-Temple-Master-and-disciples-painting-0316This course will give you a firm foundation in this ancient healing tradition. Learn the basic hands-on techniques to restore health and vitality to the internal organs. This course will cover; the basic traditional principles of Chi Nei Tsang, beginning anatomy of the internal organs, Taoist meditations and breathing exercises, qigong to increase the flow of chi through the body, and a complete detoxifying routine. Emphasis on developing chi in the practitioner. Coursework includes a complete detoxifying routine, qigong and meditations to cultivate and circulate chi, 5-elements theory, and practical ways to increase health and vitality. You will also learn a self help routine.

Chi Nei Tsang 2; Ampuku

The Structural Level
Explore the breathing process, internal patterns of tension and chi flow, and the resulting mis-alignments of the posture. Learn treatments to purge stagnant energy from the body by “chasing the winds” through the meridians of the arms, legs, and chest. Enjoy the benefits of Bone Breathing, Swimming Dragon and Incense Qigong.  Understand how to reposition the Uterus, Bladder and Prostate for better health and chi flow.   Advanced techniques for releasing pelvic tensions that cause pain.  Learn about the Fascia, Meridians and Consciousness.  Students will expand on their knowledge of CNT 1 curriculum and learn advanced ways to prepare their Chi field prior to seeing clients.  We will practice several treatment protocol for chasing the winds based on the needs of the client.  Learn how the I Ching Bagua can be used as a structural healing tool.  Pre requisite is CNT 1

Chi Nei Tsang 3

Tok Sen is a tribal healing technique which originated in the Golden Triangle of Burma, Thailand and Laos.  Using hand carved wooden tools and oils, you will learn to release deeply held restrictions in muscles and fascia.  The Sound and Rhythm created by the tools opens the flow of chi through the body and releases trauma.  This is easily incorporated into your massage practice.  No prerequisites.

Upcoming Classes

Chi Nei Tsang 1, April 6-8, 2018

Location: Bellingham, Washington


Chi Nei Tsang 1  March 16-18,  2018

Location:  Sedona, Arizona


These classes are approved by the NM Massage Board for 21 CE.

Also approved by NCBTMB for 21 CE

taught by Caryn Boyd Diel, NM Instructor # I-0575



Chi Nei Tsang 2; Ampuku  October 15-17, 2018

Location:  Pagosa Springs, Colorado

21 CE from NCBTMB


Chi Nei Tsang 3;  TokSen  August 2018

Location:  Bellingham, Washington


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We have many classes happening all the time.  For information on Retreats at Pagosa Springs, Colorado and other venues,  please go to the Retreats page.


Caryn Diel

Caryn Boyd Diel, the founder of White Cloud Institute, has a healing practice which offers treatments and support to clients around the world, as well as a class offerings that are offered in many locations.

She incorporates a lifetime of study in the areas of education, counseling, bodywork and hands on healing. Her training has taken her around the world. Caryn has a Masters degree in Education and Counseling from the University of California. She graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in New York, studied Medical Qigong at the Xi Yuan Hospital in Bejing, China and at the International Institute of Medical Qigong with Sifu J.A. Johnson. She is a Senior Instructor with the Universal Healing Tao and has studied with Master Mantak Chia in Thailand.