Daoism: Tradition
& Transition
9th International Conference on Daoist Studies at Boston University May 29 – June 1, 2014.

Join Caryn Diel as she presents Summer Qigong Meditation.

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For thousands of years Taoist monks perfected the art of healing with Energy Medicine. They mastered internal alchemy by observing the forces of nature. Cosmic Energy, Universal Energy, and Earth Energy were used to bring more vitality into the physical body and a feeling of security and harmony into their interactions with others and the natural world. It is essential that we remember these secrets for longevity, harmony and accelerated evolution of consciousness.

White Cloud Institute offers a blend of ancient wisdom in a form that has been transmitted purely through Taoist masters, and new ways of understanding healing with energy medicine based on recent scientific discoveries in the field of quantum physics. Conscious Education to empower each individual toward personal health and global harmony is the goal. Classes are held evenings and weekends so that you are able to create an experience that is personal and reflects your pace of growth.

White Cloud Institute attracts the finest instructors from around the world. Host to some of the most potent mystery school teachings and transmittor of practical wellness information, the school has attained the reputation for providing a consistently pure space for learning.


Maui, Hawaii Retreat Classes in 2014
Join White Cloud Institute in Hawaii on February 7 and 8, 2014 for a winter getaway. We will be offering two 1 day classes. details

CNT 1 Retreat at Pagosa Springs, Colorado October 9-12, 2014
Qigong and Meditation Retreat at Pagosa Springs, Colorado
October 4-12, 2014
Advanced Practioners’ Retreat
October 4-6, 2014

Santa Fe Qigong and Meditation Retreats:
August 23-25, 2014 details